realKNX O-two

  • realKNX O-two is a voice control and automation system for hotels. It is designed to meet all the requirements in a hotel environment.
  • Offering voice control is an additional marketing point for your hotel. It creates an exclusive and unique experience for your clients.

Why voice control?

  • The language is the most intuitive way for people to express their wishes. It allows to operate the lighting, dimming, heating and air conditioning in a hotel room.
  • Your clients can ask for room service, order cleaning and control media devices with voice. The vocabulary is the richest on the market, it makes voice control really easy to use.
  • Voice control gives your guest a personalized experience, it makes your guests feel home-like. You can even welcome your guests to the room by name.

All those features are strong marketing arguments, voice control for hotels is an innovative and exclusive technology. Your customer satisfaction will increase, and this will help you acquire new customers. Read more about realKNX O-two on the product page.

realKNX O-two works without cloud services

  • With voice control powered by realKNX O-two the privacy of your customers is guaranteed, it’s private-by-design.
  • Working without internet accounts makes installation easier and quicker. realKNX O-two runs on-device, independently of any external services.
  • The system works autonomously for years, without needing automatic updates.

We care about your time, this is why our product is easy to install and to use. Also, we know privacy is a very important factor, in order to earn the trust of your customer, this is why we help you to protect it.

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realKNX O-two, what else?

  • For the moment, three languages are available, English, German and French. Spanish is coming soon.
  • The server of realKNX O-two can communicate with your hotel management system.
  • The presence of the customer is determined in order to simplify the organization of the cleaning personnel and to drive energy saving programs.
  • A Hospitality mode is now available, this mode includes Internet search, a “do not disturb” mode and the possibility of switching language with a button.
  • In addition, other features were also added after development. It is now possible to ask for the current date and time, set an alarm, ask for the Wifi, mute the device and set the volume of the speaker.
  • realKNX O-two can be recessed in the wall or in the ceiling. Unlike popular smarts peaker realKNX O-two cannot be removed from the room nor can it be reset by mistake.
  • When needed it is possible to play a voice message in a room. (For example, how to proceed during fire alarm)
  • The customization of the wake-up word is possible for an additional charge.

Under development

  • Weather forecasts
  • Wikipedia
  • Portuguese, Russian and Chinese are coming.

In partnership with Snips

Snips offers a dynamic and rich vocabulary. Indeed, the possibilities are diverse and can be adapted, if a device name is not understood it will be added dynamically in run time. realKNX together with Snips voice assistant controls everything in the room. Commands and queries for lighting, shutters, HVAC and media systems may be intuitively spoken in hundreds of different ways.

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Example of commands

  • “Turn on the lights”, “Switch off the lights”
  • “It’s too cold” ,“It’s too warm”, “Set the temperature to 22 degrees”, “turn on the heating”
  • “It’s too dark”, ”Make it darker”, “Set the luminosity to 50%”
  • “Let the sunshine in”, “close the shutters by 20%”

System architecture and configuration

  • The proServ is the link between the KNX installation and the realKNX O-two. Thanks to the ETS software all the names and functions are chosen in the different languages without using an extra configuration tool.
  • One or more ceiling mounted devices read this data and work out the vocabulary to be used. The realKNX O-two only requires power and Ethernet/Wifi connection.
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Why KNX?

KNX is a worldwide standard for home and building control, it is future proof. All products are certified and work together. The KNX Association has more than 450 manufacturers in 44 countries and more than 80 000 Partners in 161 countries. KNX provides solutions for all types of home and building automation, from dimmers to shutter control, from motion sensors to thermostats and much more. With KNX you are ready for the future and it guarantees a brand independent and flexible integration of the entire home.

Who are we?

ProKNX is a company based in Valbonne in Southern France. Strong of ten years’ experience in the area of connected homes we developed the realKNX O-two. This product is the perfect solution to develop voice control for hotels. Thanks to our quality products and the high satisfaction rate of our customers. We have been able to get several partnerships like the ZVEH. In addition, we are showcasing our products at many international exhibitions. We will do everything in our power to meet your requirements. Our team will always be happy to answer all the questions you might have.

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The nitty gritty details…

Hotword detection, Voice recognition, Natural language understanding, hospitality, and room control logic: all runs on the O-two device. You don’t need any internet or cloud services.